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As you may or may not know- Rev3 has become a well-known name in the triathlon industry.  As a newer race organization, they’ve been able to host some of the most fun and popular races from Connecticut to Costa Rica! Their races are fun because the directors at Rev3 clearly care about the racers themselves– not just about the show or logistics.  They go above and beyond to ensure that racers each feel prepped for the race- from individualized bike racks to fantastic (well-made and wearable!) SWAG.  They also fill the whole race weekend with fun events- for friends and family!  From fun-runs for kids to shorter distance tri’s for newbies or longer ones for the expert in the family!

Part of that whole approach is really indicative of what Rev3 wants to do in the sport of triathlon.  It’s easy to think of pro-organization and elite racers as a little self-indulgent– races are a one-time event, they can be costly, and training and equipment are pretty consuming in time, energy and money as well.  That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for giving.  But Rev3 wants to change that.   Rev3 has just announced a new event to benefit a great foundation while being active.  The team is planning to run across the United States!

In partnership with  the Ulman Cancer Fund , Rev3 will be hosting a huge (awesome) fundraiser to help the Ulman Fund find lasting solutions for Cancer treatments in young adults. A team of Rev3 staff and runners who have been affected by cancer run the 3121 miles  in 21 days from Oceanside California beginning on March 26th; the team ends at the Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC April 16th (see the route!).

You can join the this awesome endeavor by donating or cheering the runners along the race. Rev3 and UCF have set a goal of raising $100,000 to continue research into cancer and comprehensive health services for cancer’s victims. I’ve personally known several Cancer victims and survivors- and I’m sure you each are in teh same boat (or running shoes).  Please think about donating, running, or cheering! For more details- check out– the Rev3 Run Across America page.

Donations can be made at any amount!  It’s a really great cause and I hope you will consider helping in any way that you can!



Results of my Bike and World Champsionship Fundraiser: Thank you to everyone for donating!  More than 65 donations were made, which totaled over $2500 towards a replacement bike (mine was stolen in the fall 😦 )!  I am incredibly grateful and humbled by everyone’s generosity!  Thank you thank you thank you! The bike will be purchased shortly.  I want to make sure I get the best bike possible for me (a short, new-to-tri, but still going to World champs … type) and so I am working with my local triathlon center and my tri teams to see what the best deals are.  I will be purchasing soon and, believe me, I will update you as soon as I do!

Thank you, additionally, to all of my incredible sponsors.  Wheelworks, Landry’s, VMPS Triathlon Center, TriGuyCoaching, Mina at Riverbend Massage, Nancy Clark, Tufts University, Mix1, FIRM Racing, UbiSoft Games and Everstride.

World Championships are not until NEXT October though so in the mean time I will probably host yet ANOTHER spin-fundraiser and continue to fundraise in general.  If you are interested in coming, or simply supporting, please let me know!  The next spin-fundraiser will likely be in March 2012.

I will be contacting our winners individually– but if for any reason a winner does not hear from me (by January 7), please get in touch! (jledewitz [at] or just leave a comment below!)

The following donors have won these awesome items in the World Championships Fundraiser Raffle

Meg Reilly Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate (from Tufts University)
Adam Rosenberg Jules’ Baked Goods
Christopher Schaffner 1 hour Nutrition Counseling with
Stephen Normadin Free 2012 FIRM Race Entry
David Meyers UbiSoft Video Games
Danielle Marquis 1 free 1BandID
Benjamin Berry EverStride Gift Pack
Emma Kosciak VMPS Triathlon Center Gift Certificate
Jessica Kraus Case of Mix1
Whitney Rauschenbach Landry’s Bicycles Gift Certificate
Flavia Chen Jules’ Baked Goods
Katie Bond Landry’s Bicycles Gift Certificate
Josh Flanagan VMPS Tri Gift Certificate
David Altman 1 Month coaching/training plan from
Joe Vukson 1 hour Massage from
Jeffrey Longcor Landry’s Bicycles Gift Certificate
Michael Nislick Swim Lesson
Rod Azadan Landry’s Bicycles Gift Certificate
Allyson Huntington WheelWorks 90-Minute Bike Fitting
Ben Martens Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate (from Tufts University)
Charlie Ticotsky Jules’ Baked Goods
Thomas Rodrigues  Stefani Danes’ Homemade Quilt
Joanne & Ryan Kennedy Jules’ Baked Goods