2011 ROCKED. What will 2012 do?

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Lifestyle, Racing, Rev3, Running, Training, Triathlon, Wheelworks

2011 was, without doubt, the best year of my life.  I know it sounds cliché, or at least like immense hyperbole, but it’s not.  I don’t really need to dedicate an entire post to it, but as a triathlete, I tend to dwell a lot on the negatives– on the things I could improve– and rarely think about the things that went well.  However, I’ll fight the tendency to compare 2012 with 2011.  I don’t need to 1-up my year. It would be impossible actually.

This year highlighted some important things for myself: (I know this is a training blog so most of these are training related… but I can’t discount the other important stuff too)–

1. I might have the BEST friends, family, teammates that ANYONE could ask for.  It feels selfish in fact- I have the most loving and supportive network, without which I would completely crumble beneath the weight of my graduate work, professional work and triathlon training.  I love the people around me and feel so lucky to have them. I also do NOT do enough for them in return.

2. I have more energy than I give myself credit for.

3. You can train your butt off to cut 4 minutes in a 10k, but you can easily lose 3 minutes by being daft in your transitions.

4.  People are shocked by my enthusiasm for energy efficiency.  I have a really positive outlook on my potential to reduce our energy consumption at a pretty large scale and I’m excited about that.  People notice. Those in my field, in turn, tend to get excited too.  That’s the reason my academic and professional work are exceedingly satisfying.

5. I can manage to teach spinning without a ton of prep work– I wasn’t sure that was true– but I love coaching and it comes easily to me. This realization made it possible to teach nearly every monday of 2011 at 6am.

6. My athletic performance peaks when everything else in my life is balanced: fueling as an athlete (no dieting), sleeping (7 hours is primo, magic, amazing and rarely happens), work desk clean, work tasks accomplished instead of procrastinated, school work completed and finally- a clean room.

Half Marathon PR at Hyannis: 1:37

Switzer Fellow 2011: I was honored and humbled to be selected as a Switzer fellow for 2011.  This is a prestigious environmental award for academic work in the field.  The Switzer Foundation is helping me fund my Master’s degree at Tufts where I am working on a thesis about energy reduction improvements (monitoring-based commissioning, if you really want to know) on campuses throughout North America.

Joined Wheelworks Multisport: I joined this awesome Boston-based tri group in the spring.  THey are an incredible group of people and have been AMAZING supporters and teammates all year.  I’ve gotten to meet motivated, strong, incredible people who’ve all helped me become a better athlete in so many ways.

First time running a race actually for fun (pacing a friend): I ran a fun run half marathon on a whim; I decided I did not need to go all out and instead I just helped run with a friend and tried to get him to his own PR.  He didn’t quite hit it but came very close and we had a great time running together!

Hired Coach: My coach Alan is awesome. I hired him in April and we’ve since worked together, chatting at least weekly since.  He is incredibly intelligent and necessarily tough.  I have really enjoyed working with him and would not be where I am today without him.  If you have any interest in coaching– talk to me!

2nd overall female @ New England Season Opener Sprint Tri: ‘Nuf said. I’d never gotten an “overall” anything before.  That was a fun race; I was nerve wracked and still managed to tough it out.

2nd Olympic Tri EVER: I completed my 2nd Olympic distance Triathlon in June 2011. It was my 4th triathlon ever and only my 2nd being “clipped in” on my bike.  It was a tough, hilly race in Connecticut and actually- the swim was cut short (so my 1 advantage was decreased 🙂 ).  Nonetheless, I learned a lot during that race- such as- don’t forget your timing chip at your hotel.  It makes for a messy morning.

Overall WINNER @ Lowell Mill City Tri: Speaks for itself. I can’t believe I won an Olympic Tri.  Neato.

2011 National Championahips: HUGE race. Olypmic-distance PR.  This was my ‘A’ race of the season. I worked the whole summer to prep for it.  I think I did very well, but I would love to be faster. My transitions were quite poor, my bike split was a little slower than I’d like and I think I managed to mess up my taper with over thinking and undertraining.  I placed in the top 20 in my age group, which was awesome but I want to break that 2:20 mark. But I had the BEST cheering squad around!

World Team Selection: Then I got selected for the World Champ 2012 team in Auckland New Zealand.  WOWOWOWOWOWOW.  This was a secret pipe dream that I mentioned to NO ONE except my coach.  Can’t believe it happened! Now I have to earn that spot for in training.

Personal Record (PR) Half Marathon:  1:34. I had an awesome race in the fall that led to another Half marathon PR.  I love this distance– it’s also easy to have a 2-PR year when you’ve only raced the distance… 3 times.

Team Rev3 Selection: Lastly, this fall, I was selected for the incredible Rev3 Amateur Team.  It’s a fantastic organizaiton, putting on some of the BEST races around (most fun, most catered to athletes and very family-fun oriented).  I am psyched to be part of the new family and to have the immense resources of the collective experience of the team.  YAYYAYAYAYYAY.

10,000 x 3: On December 31, 2011 I complete a semi-crazy capstone to the year.  I swam 100 x 100’s (10,000 yards), I ran over a 10,000 meters (10k) and I biked 10,000 meters (10k).  It was an incredible personal experience that I did not even plan to do.  It felt incredibly empowering and really showed me that I’ve got a power and determination that could make almost anything possible.

Some pictures from the year:

I am not exactly sure what 2012 has in store.  My goals are:

1. Complete my Master’s Thesis

2. Complete my Master’s degree

3. Race my FIRST ever Half Ironman Distance (70.3!!!)

4. Get to World Championships with a bike

If I accomplish those, it will truly be a great year. Who could ask for more?

How about you? What are your goals this year? What will you accomplish?

  1. Julia, you rock my world. Love you, Chickadee.

  2. What an awesome year. Hope 2012 will be even better for you!!

  3. Laura says:

    Julia… welcome to the team. 2012 will definitely be AWESOME! I would love to hear more about your environmental work! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you in person this year.

  4. Jamie says:

    You’ve set the bar hight for 2012, but it is going to rock J!

  5. Julia~ Inspired once again (and just a little bit intimidated!!). I am so going to do the Julia 10,000×3 next year (probably during the Christmas break, since Christmas is at the in-laws next year 😉

    Wishing you all the best in your fellowship, as you complete your master’s degree and in your 1/2 Rev. I’m attempting my first 70.3 distance race this year too! Hope we can motivate one another to make this next year one for the history books!

  6. Jeff says:

    Welcome to the team! I am excited to watch your goalsmformthe season. You have some speedy times already! Will also be doing my first 70.3 this year!

  7. Carole says:

    Wishing you continued rockings, sister! 🙂

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